Eight Reasons why you Should Camp on your next Travel Adventure

1. Amazing sunrises and sunsets without leaving your bed.

Hotels often charge extra for a room with a view. Not the case for camping, where you can simply open up your tent door and watch the sunrise from the comforts of your sleeping bag. It doesn’t get much more luxurious in the wild than this.

100115 Digital Camera 878
Zhangjiajie National Park, China, without all the tourists, and a beautiful sunset

2. Freedom! 

When you have your tent along, you do not need to worry about making it to the next town where you have already made room reservations. If you are walking/driving/hitchhiking and see a beautiful spot that you want to check out, you simply go and check it out. The freedom to get off the beaten track and away from tourist spots is one of our main reasons for camping while traveling.

3. Save money, lots of it.

Most of the time, camping is free, and if it isn’t, it is generally a lot less expensive than what you would pay any a hostel, guesthouse, or hotel.

Northern Mongolia – with no fences, the entire country is a giant campground

4. Disconnect from the outside world.

This is the reason a lot of us travel, but then we end up somewhere with Wi-Fi and log on to check e-mail, Facebook, etc. Camping forces you to put your phone/tablet/laptop down and just appreciate you surroundings and company. It is a small thing, but really makes a huge difference for the travel experience.

North Coast Trail, British Columbia

5. Amazing views of the stars.

The best views of the night sky are when you are camping far away from city lights. Better yet, if it is warm enough and you know it is not going to rain, keep the outer vestibule off, for a clear view of the moon and stars as you drift off to sleep.


6. Silence…beautiful silence

All the good noises you want to hear (the ocean lapping up against your tent, tropical jungle birds and insects, a bubbling stream) without the bad (horns honking, dogs barking, or people yelling). Music to my ears!

Among giants in Norther California

7. Respect from the locals.

Whenever a local learns that we have our house, kitchen, dresser, and bed in our bags and that we are camping on the land for the night, they tend to be significantly surprised and impressed. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

A summer’s night in Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island, BC

8. Poo with a view!

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory and not to be under-rated 🙂  Just remember to stay away from water sources and bury the goods so the next campers don’t have the happy pleasure of stumbling upon your turds.



Happy Camping!



And finally, a good old-fashioned camping joke to end the blog:

Q: Why can’t you run in a campground?

Tent in tsaaganuur
Camping at a ger nearby Tsaaganuur

A: You can only ran because it is past tents:)  Hahahahaha!


Alright, sorry for that, I couldn’t help myself!


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